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Christmas scenes from around the parish

These are some photos of various decorations I encounter around our parish, the first three being the flat-bed truck decorated by Scott Sherman for our Christmas Parade held on December 1st. Another one is of a group of angels crafted by Ed Dove, the next three refer to the festival of trees and the last one shows the snow we received on December 9, 2012.

Parishioners on Halloween 2012

These are some photos of various children and parishioners dressed up on Halloween, 2012. (click on each photo to enlarge)

Stations around Town

On March 27, 2012 the annual Stations around Town were held as we visited 14 landmarks, praying the Stations of the Cross and praying for the people who work in that particular place. These were the 14 places we visited: 1. Hospital Chapel, 2. Powder River Prison, 3. Heart and Home Care Center, 4. High School, 5. the renovated Geiser house, 6. Leo Adler ballpark, 7. Post Office, 8. Coles Tribute Center, 9. Blue Mountain Denture Center 10. City Hall, 11. Dave Davis Computer Center, 12. Methodist Church, 13. El Erradero Restaurant,                    14. in the Cathedral.

These are some photos taken by Dawn Coles of this event.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Christmas Lights Parade

This is the beautiful float that Scott Sherman decorated with the help of Leo and Tonna Haw for the annual Christmas Parade, held in baker City on Saturday December 3. Many of our children were on the float, all bundled up in their coats, but enjoyed participating in the parade as they did last year. Last year's pictures can be seen further down.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Angels in the Cathedral

On Sunday October 2, 2011, the feast of the Guardian Angels, Fr Julian presented a few angels to the crowd at Mass, including the three Archangels and 4 Guardian Angels. The total number of angels visible in the Cathedral was also revealed, amounting to 61. Lisa Fuzi is the only person who guessed the correct number, and as a prize, she won a date with her favorite angel.

This is where you can find them:

Stained glass windows, starting from the left: Coronation of Mary – 6; Assumption of Mary – 9; Annunciation – 1; Presentation of Jesus – 0; Adam and Eve – 2; Popes and St Dominic – 0; Jesus with children – 0; Agony in the Garden – 2; Crucifixion – 6; Pentecost – 0; St Francis the Sales – 0; Sacred Heart – 4; In the middle of the right side rose window, on the ark of the covenant – 2. Moreover there are: In the painting of St Cecilia above the organ – 4; In the apse, above the crucifix – 2; Large statues next to the tabernacle and in front of altar – 3; On the tabernacle door – 2; Our Lady of Guadalupe picture – 1; At the base of the Paschal Candle stand – 3; On the candle stands, in the middle, 3 on each – 12; next to St Matthew at the base of Baptismal Font – 1; in the choir loft there is an angel as a holy water fountain, close to the elevator - 1. That brings the total to 61.

These are the photos of our little angels during the Sunday Mass.

(photos by Colleen Clark) (Click on each photo to enlarge)

Animal Blessing

The annual animal blessing in honor of St Francis of Assisi, patron of animals and ecology was held on Sunday October 2 after the morning Mass. Among the animals that showed were many dogs, a few cats, a crab and a noisy cockatiel. Pictures show some of the animals during their blessing (Photos by Colleen Clark)

(click on each to enlarge)

Parish Picnic 2011

These are some photos from our annual parish picnic held on our back lawn on September 11, 2011 with a patriotic twist to commemorate the tragic events of 10 years earlier.

Photos by Chuck Staten and Bekki Hurley (click to enlarge)

Sharp Shooter in training

Fr Julian on September 7th 2011 handled for the first time a gun on a shooting range, thanks to parishioner Bill Berry in Sumpter.

Here are the results of his shooting with a semi-automatic rifle and a semi-automatic hand-gun. The pictures speak for themsleves. The rifle was from 100 yards away. Notice the bull's eye in the last photo, from 50 feet away with a hand-gun.

Photos from the play

"And the morning followed"

The play was presented on Saturday February 26 and Sunday February 27 in our parish hall. Helping in the presentation were Cindy Ratterman, Melissa Kelso and Dana Marlia, besides many other volunteers. Here are some photos of the play, including a few group photos with all the children participating and adults who helped with costumes, stage, scenery, rehearsals, etc.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Pictorial of Powell Butte Diocesan Center

During the recent Clergy Assembly, I was able to admire and take a few photos of the new Powell Butte Diocesan Center which I am sharing with you. Most of them are of the St. Mary's Chapel, and others are of the Conference Center dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

Click on each photo to enlarge


Blessing of the Children's Memorial

On Respect for Life Sunday, October 4, the new Children's Memorial was blessed after the morning Mass. Pictures show the blessing after the children's choir sang the song "We are Children of the Lord."

The Memorial is to remember the millions of babies killed by abortion over the years, the children killed by tragedies and accidents, and the healthy and living children, who are the hope and future of our country and our church. After the blessing, the animal blessing took place, including after the Spanish Mass where 7 birds were blessed inside the Cathedral, including the resident cockatiel, Charlie Parker. 

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Festival of Trees - 100 years of Memories

Christmas Tree sponsored by our parish

To commemorate the 100 years anniversary of our Cathedral, our parish is sponsoring and decorating one of the 20 Christmas Trees which will be auctioned off during the annual Festival of Trees, held at the Armory in Baker City, on Friday November 30, to benefit St Elizabeth's Catholic Hospital. Our tree incorporates 100 years of history through close to 100 pictures from the past. It was decorated by Fr Julian, Karen and Sarah Tognoli and Lisa Fuzi, and besides the photos there are blue and silver ornaments, some silver snowflakes, icicles and angels. Underneath the tree is a hand-made nativity crafted by Fr Julian from paper-mache with the crib where Jesus was born and to add a local touch, it also includes Anthony Lakes, complete with a lake and a snow-capped mountain. Other gifts to be auctioned off are angels, Praying Santa, crosses and ornamental crucifixes, children's books, other religious knick-knacks and ornaments. Here are some photos of the tree while it was being decorated. An open day will be on Sat December 1, where one can see all the trees and children have their picture taken with Santa Claus.And make sure to see the most beautiful and most unqiue tree, celebrating 100 years of memories. (click to enlarge each photo)

Cathedral features in new

poster-cartoon of Baker City


Poster created by John Hanley and features some of the local stores in

Baker City. Click on images to enlarge.....the one on the right features  

Stained-glass windows from

St. Elizabeth's Hospital Chapel

(Where Mass is celebrated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 AM)


          Blessed Mother            Saint Joseph                 Sacred Heart


           Saint Clare         Saint Francis of Assisi             Saint Anne


        Saint Anthony     St Elizabeth of Hungary    Eucharist detail


                                     - - Eucharist Window - -

2006 Palm Sunday at the Cathedral


Palm Sunday 2006 was a special celebration at St Francis DeSales Cathedral as our blessing of palms on our field was followed by a procession through the streets around the Cathedral led by two donkeys/burros named Zack and Jenny, lifetime friends owned by Gene Roark. They were brought over in a trailer, and led in the procession by Al McCauley and his daughter Danielle, here pictured with the two donkeys.


A flash-back from the past, of how the Cathedral looked before the renovations took place, starting in September 1980.


The St Francis Academy, closed and demolished in 1970

The Academy adjacent to the Cathedral, in a photo from 1920

A spectacular aerial view of Baker City from 1920.

The Cathedral, Academy and Rectory are visibile on the right,

towards the center.


          The Cathedral in 1910                       The Rectory in 1930


Some faces and scenes from the past years.....


Father Jim Logan         Fr Bob Simard           An Ordination from the 1970s


Bishop Leipzig at Unity Mission      The renovation underway in 1980


     Fr Rick Fischer                     The Easter Vigil from the 1980s


   First Communion in the 1990s               RCIA Class from the 1980s


                  The St Francis De Sales Folk Group/Choir in the 1990s


   A parish group photo from the year 2000 with Fr Rob Irwin on the right,

(4th step) and Deacon Jim Watt on the left (first step)



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