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This Cathedral link is updated frequently and is the home of the 2007 Renovation project, which took place between April and mid-October 2007. Plenty of pictures are seen in this page as photos were updated frequently while the renovation was underway. Further down you will see other historical photos of the Cathedral and the beautiful stained-glass windows which were installed at 3 different times, 1923, 1958 and 1965. Click on all the photos to enlarge, with the exception of the Cathedral Pictorial presented hereunder, with various photos of different angles of the renovated Cathedral. We thank all those volunteers and craftsmen and women who collaborated together to create a Cathedral that is beautiful, reverent and prayer-oriented.

The Cathedral in the Spring


The Crucifix installed in the Sanctuary.

Renovation project complete

On June 21, the the crucifix that was brought from Ortisei, Italy, was installed in its permanent place above the taberncale and baldacchino in the restored Sanctuary. Our parishioner John Fuzi worked meticulously to craft the cross and attach the body of the crucified Christ onto the wood, a very delicate job indeed. In the attic John installed two winches which you will see in some of the photos below. One other photo shows the length of the attic, probably for most of the people it's the first image of what the attic looks like.

The entire process to raise the cross took an hour, as Billy Cunningham and Tom Fisk were upsatirs winding the winches as the piano wires attached to the cross cranked up the entire cross slowly slowly. In the Cathedral, John Fuzi coordinated everything with a cell phone to communicate with the two guys upstairs, while his assistant Shaylon, Ryan Marvin and Greg Woydziak controlled the cross as it was being lifted up. These pictures show the entire operation. The crucifix is finally in its place.

We adore you o Christ and we praise you, because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world. (click on each photo to enlarge)

Cathedral Pictorial


Tabernacle in place, carpeting finished. . .

we're 99.1% done!

An exciting week when the tabernacle was brought under the baldacchino with the help of many volunteers, as you will see in these photos. Our friend Robert Englert spent hours cleaning some of the brass and gold in the sanctuary, including the beautiful door of the tabernacle. And finally, Robbie Porter worked tirelesly to finish the carpet for the weekend Mass. You will see the Sanctuary as we envisioned it to be from the very beginning, with the chairs on each side and the tabernacle under the baldacchino. More light will be added to it over the next few days, before the Mass of blessing on Thursday at 5PM, co-inciding with Bishop Connolly's 60th anniversary as a priest.

We hope to see you there!

(click on all the pictures to enlarge)

Another busy week

This was yet another busy week as more finishing touches were added to the baldacchino. Michelle MacLain administered faux paint to the 4 columns, making them them look identical to the other 4 columns above in the apse, while more carpeting was added, including to the steps and the choir loft, which saw the old carpet installed and cleaned up, making it look completely refurbished. Check some more pictures from this past week (click to enlarge)

Busy week as more work is done

A very productive week as more work was done on the baldacchino by John Fuzi, as his wife Lisa painted the rosettes in gold in the apse. Jennifer Godwin continued her finishing touches on the stencils, while Robbie Porter started work on the carpet, and Francis Mohr coordinated the work and with Fr Julian's help, finished the painting before the statues were put in their permanent place. Sandy and Howard Payton re-upholstered the 6 large chairs in ble velvet that matches the carpet color. More pictures will appear soon.

(click on each of these photos to enlarge)

Plenty of work this week

This was a very busy week at the Cathedral renovation project. A lot more work was done on the dome of the baldacchino, while John Fuzi finished the molding and set one of the side altar-rails in place. Francis Mohr did more painting and vacuuming higher places in his "Ghostbusters" outfit, and Fr Julian had a his dream come true when he painted the Baptismal Font.

(click to enlarge each photo)

More refining in the stencils

Jennifer Godwin has been working meticulously refining the stencils in the apse, especially finishing the two medallions of the Lamb of God and the Pelican, both symbols of the Eucharist. They are displayed here for your viewing. A personal suggestion: they will look great as a desktop on your computer. Feel free to copy them and use them, but more importantly, come and see them in person.

Ribs on the dome of the baldacchino installed

The dome is nearing its completion as the six ribs were crafted and installed by a plasterer that happened to be in town working at City Hall. He lives in Seattle, but is originally from Iraq, his name Hamza Alrubaiti, and is seen here with an assistant, Brandon working on the dome and the frieze that was missing in the apse and was also crafted by him.

The dome is being plastered

The dome of the baldacchino is being plastered during the weeks of September 10 and 17. It is a very delicate process as the two plasterers has to work together, one on the outside and another on the inside, putting on a layer of gibsum very meticulously as a first layer. The dome will be finished after the first layer becomes hard enough. The first two photos show architect Jim Van Duyn with Mark DeLong and plasterer Randy Camp. The others show Randy and his assistants plastering the dome. More updated photos will follow soon.

More work on the stencils and the statues' bases

The finishing touches on the stencils behind the baldacchino are being done by Jennifer Godwin as can be seen from the following 4 photos.

Work on the bases of the 4 statues is also being completed by John Fuzi, as is seen in the other 2 photos. (click to enlarge)

The Dome of the baldacchino is in place

The Dome or cupola of the baldacchino was created by John Fuzi and installed on August 15. It gives a completely new dimension to the baldacchino and to the sanctuary and apse area as you can see from these photos. It will soon be plastered and dry-walled as 6 ribs will be inserted. Stay tuned for more updated pictures coming soon.

The baldacchino being built

During the week of June 18-22, the platform where the baldacchino and the tabernacle will be located was constructed as well as the first part of the baldacchino. Here are some photos of the ongoing work. (Click on each photo to enlarge)

The Cathedral without the wall

These are some pictures related to the ongoing renovation, specifically after the wall came down. The description of each picture is given underneath according to their chronological order .

(click on each photo to enlarge)

1. The revised blue-prints, with an arched platform and the side pews readjusted at an angle.

2. The apse freshly painted in dark blue and sky blue.

3. The baptismal font in place, and the statue of St Francis De Sales, temporarily in place.

4. A closer look at the apse with the murals of Jesus and 2 angels becoming more striking.

5.The tabernacle with 2 original angels from 1908, placed temporarily in a central position.

6. The left side of the stenciling, with the Lamb of God symbol, before restoration.

7. The right side of the stenciling, with the Pelican symbol, before restoration.

8. The sanctuary, complete with the tabernacle, placed temporarily in the middle.

9. A view of the sanctuary from the choir loft.

10.The tabernacle with two angels, which were in the original Cathedral, from 1908.

11. The tabernacle with the 2 angels from a side angle.

12. The entiure apse and tabernacle from a lower perpective.

13. The Cathedral in 1908 - notice the two angels next to the tabernacle, 100 years ago.

14. The Cathedral in 1954 - again the 2 angels are still next to the tabernacle.

15. The Cathedral in 1958, just when the stenciling were covered up until a few months ago.

June 11 - the wall comes down!

With the help of many volunteers from our parish, the wall that was set up in 1980 has finally come down. As of 4:26 PM, the final piece of the wall was dismantled. These photos show the delicate and coordinated process of taking it down piece by piece, precisely in 4 parts. Obviously the sanctuary area looks cluttered, since the workers had to put the wood on the floor, later to be stored, besides having the chairs, altar and lenctern turned around temporarily. It was a well coordinated effort and now the building of the baldacchino and the restoration of the stenciling will start in the next few days. The photos are laid out in chronological order.

(click on each photo to enlarge)


           The Annunciation                                    The Coronation of Mary


                   Jesus with the children                             The Crucifixion

 St Francis de Sales        Sacred Heart                        Rose window

                   The Assumption                                          Pentecost


                 Papacy stained-glass                          Genesis stained-glass

Our new Day-Chapel

The new day-Chapel at the Cathedral was opened officially in May 2005, and hereunder are some pictures taken during the renovation, done by parishioner

John Fuzi. The day-Chapel is used for daily Mass on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the Eucharistic Adoration on Fridays




And these are two stained-glass windows installed in the same Chapel





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