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Cathedral Events - Past, Present and Future

First Holy Communion at the Cathedral

Our First Holy Communion was celebrated at the Cathedral on Sunday April 28, 2013 with 13 children recieving Jesus for the first time in their lives.           Below are a few group photos of the children before and during the Mass.     The children were:

Anna Belding, Jackson Chandler, Sydney Pierce, Anthony Christopher, Mackenzie Flanagan, Damian Gonzales, Brooklyn Jaca, Emily McKim, Lincoln Nemec, Miriam Ocampo, Jozie Ramos, Priscila Robles and Juliana Sandburg. 

(photos by Jennifer Ramos)

Confirmation at the Cathedral

The sacrament of Confirmation was administered by Bishop Liam Cary on 25 young people on Thursday April 25, 2013. These photos show the whole group with Bishop Cary and some scenes of the celebration. The students who were confirmed were:

Michael Bourne, Reno Hammond, Jayme Ramos, John Upmeyer, Hollie Minor, Vina Pintok, Alex Duran, Marisa Fuzi, Joana Bedolla, Duncan Mackenzie, Kaeli Flanagan, Vicky Ortiz, Gabriel Rosales, Cody DeCarli, Josie Stearns, Michaela Tholen, Makenna Bachman, Hope Collard, Danielle McCauley, Megan Pintok, Marco Vela, Celina Fuzi, Keaton Bachman, Kimberly Williams and Gracie Hardy.

(Photos by Chuck Staten)

2013 Chrism Mass

The annual Chrism Mass was celebrated on Thursday March  21 in our Cathedral with Bishop Liam Cary leading the concelebrated Mass surrounded by all the priests of the Diocese. Below are some photos of the Mass, which is always held on the Thursday before Holy Thursday to allow time for the priests to travel from and to their respective parishes. Photos by Chuck Staten. (click on each to enlarge)

Christmas Handbell Concert

A spectacular Christmas concert was held in our Cathedral on Saturday December 22, 2012 featuring Phyllis Tincher on handbells and Sean Rogers on the piano. A nice crowd attended this free concert and enjoyed at the same time the beauty of our Cathedral, the 90 year-old stained glass windows, and the perfomance of religious Christmas Carols, which were accompanied by Scripture verses and meditations on the Nativity story. It was the fitting prelude to the Christmas season affirming also what the Second Vatican Council affirmed in the message to artists on December 8, 1965: "The treasury of sacred music is a witness to the way in which the Christian faith promotes culture. By underlying the true value of sacred and religious music, Christian musicians should feel that they are being encouraged to continue this tradition and to keep it alive for the service of the faith. So do not hesitate to put your talent at the service of the Divine Truth. The world in which we live has need of beauty in order not to lose hope. Beauty, like truth, fills the heart with joy. And this thanks to your hands."

Phyllis and Sean have issued a few CDs, all with religious and sacred music, as well as religious Christmas carols. Here are some photos of this beautiful, seasonal and reverent concert. (click on each photo to enlarge)

Mozart's Requiem at the Cathedral

On November 10th, 2012, 4 combined choirs from neighboring schools performed 5 movements from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem Mass. They were accompanied by the Grand Ronde Symphony Orchestra, directed by Leandro Espinoza. The first part of the program included Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto.

The 4 choirs included the Baker City Bel Canto Choir, the La Grande HS Choir, the Pendelton HS Choir and the Eastern Oregon University Choir. Here is a photo of the occasion, with a 60-piece orchestra and 100-piece choir.

Chrism Mass 2012

The annual Chrism Mass was held at the Cathedral on Thursday March 29, 2012, with Bishop William Skylstad celebrating, and close to 30 priests concelebrating. The Oils of the Sick, the Oils of Catechumens and the Sacred Chrism were blessed by the bishop, and then distributed to each priest to take to his respective parish for use in the administration of sacraments. Here are some photos of this Mass, starting with a group photo on the steps of the Cathedral.

All photos by Chuck Staten (click on each photo to enlarge)

Easter Vigil 2011

The big celebration of Easter was held in the Cathedral with two great Masses led by Father Julian, in the absence of our Bishop. The Vigil Mass was held  on April 23, starting at 8:30 PM with the reception into the Catholic church community of 5 new members: Katelyn Hensely, Ashley Woodman, Shelby Williams, Betty Berry and Pat Williamson. They are photographed in the photos below  in that order during their Confirmation, besides a group photo and a general view from the choir loft. All photos are by Chuck Staten.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Easter Morning 2011

A packed church assisted to the Sunday morning Easter Mass on April 24, 2011 led by Father Julian in the absence of the bishop. These photos were taken during the Mass by Colleen Clark, while others of the decorations were taken by Fr Julian.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Chrism Mass 2011

The annual Chrism Mass was held in the Cathedral on Thursday April, this year with Archbishop William Skylstad, our Apostolic Administrator leading the Mass. Below are various photos of the Mass taken by Chuck Staten, attended by most of the priests of the Diocese and a generous number of parishioners from various parishes.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Centennial Mass

On April 9, 2008, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral with a special Mass celebrated by Father Julian and concelebrated by the two former pastors, Fr Jim Logan (1990-1998) and Fr Rob Irwin (1998-2005.)  Fr Julian wore for the occasion an old chasuble that belonged to Bishop Leo Fahey, crafted in Germany. Two of the photos show a detail of the intricate embroidery in gold and color of the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We thank the generous crowd who attended, as well as our Religious Ed children and parishioners from North Powder and Halfway who traveled for the occasion.

The following photos were taken by Colleen Clark. For this historic occasion, Fr Julian rang the bell 100 times every hour on the hour from 9 AM till 7 PM.

(Please click on each image to enlarge.)

Re-Dedication of the Cathedral and Bishop Connolly's 60th anniversary celebration

A unique and historic Mass was celebrated on Thursday October 25, 2007 at 5PM to commemorate Bishop Thomas Connolly's 60th anniversary to the priesthood, as well as celebrate the blessing and re-dedication of the renovated Sanctuary in the Cathedral. With Bishop Connolly were Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Nebraska (a native of Baker City,) Archbishop Hunthausen, Bishop emeritus of Seattle, Archbishop Hurley of Anchorage, Alaska, and Bishop Skylstad of Spokane, Washington. Moreover there were 27 priests con-celebrating and 4 deacons, besides many faithful from Baker City and other parishes from our Diocese, as well as personal friends of the Bishop. Here are some photos of the celebration provided to us by

Chuck Staten, Colleen Clark and Jamey Hardy.

(click on each image to enlarge)

Foundation stone - 100 years old

Our Cathedral Foundation stone was blessed once again during a short ceremony on June 4, before the 9:30 AM Mass, the feast of Pentecost.




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