St. Francis DeSales Cathedral

Historical Information about the Parish

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New historical photos

A local photographer, Esther Monk, took many historical photos in the 1940s and 1950s, and through Rozanne Shanks, we recently received some of them back. They show the inside of the Cathedral, the consecration of Bishop Leo Fahey, with a group photo on the steps of the Cathedral, and a photo of the Academy Chapel. (click to enlarge)

Some great pictures from the 1950s

A former parishioner just gave me some beautiful pictures of the Cathedral as it looked in the 1950s. Click on each to enlarge, as follows

1. The first one is of Mass in 1954.

2. The second is a detail of the same photo.

3. The third is of a Solemn Mass with Bishop Leipzig presiding.

4. The fourth is a group photo of the Knights of Columbus in 1953.

5. The fifth is a group photo of the Knights in 1954.

6. The last one is during a Mass in 1968.

A 1907 line-drawing of the Cathedral

This is a recently discovered original line-drawing of the Cathedral just after it was built. It was printed in the local newspaper back in 1907.

(click the picture to enlarge even more)

Four eras of our Cathedral

1910, two years after it was opened

In 1954 during a Wedding

and before the renovation of 1958

In 1977, during a Wedding

In 1980, just before the last major renovation

Until 2007, when the last renovation took place

The present Cathedral, re-dedicated on October 25, 2007, and admired by all parishioners and visitors.

The Bishops of the Baker Diocese


    Bishop Charles O'Reilly,              Bishop Charles McGrath

                 our founding Bishop,                                   who served from

    who was also responsible for building                       during the recession and the

     the Cathedral of St Francis de Sales                     turbulent years of World War II

                1903-1918                                    1918 - 1950


        Bishop Francis Leipzig               Auxiliary Bishop Leo Fahey

        who served during the transitional                        who was designated to follow

             years of Vatican Council II                    Bishop McGrath, but died prematurely.

            1950 until 1971                                    1948-1950


       Bishop Thomas Connolly               Bishop Robert F. Vasa

              originally from Nevada,                                originally from Nebraska, was

      moved the Chancery Offices from           consecrated at the turn of the new millenium,

     Baker City to Bend in the mid-80s            and helped celebrate our centennial in 2003

               1971 - 1999                                 2000 - 2011

Bishop-elect Liam Stephen Cary

Originally from Oregon, ordained priest in 1992.

Appointed as new Bishop of Baker on March 8, 2012.

To be consecrated May 18, 2012

at St Francis of Assisi church, Bend, Oregon

2012 - present

A pictorial photo-album from St. Francis Academy

         Academy Chapel                     1929 Yearbook Staff in session

         1929 Class in session                     1930 Student Council

          Academy Orchestra                      1929 Basketball Team

      Academy Class of 1934                      1930 class in session

         Typing Class in session                Academy Class of 1929

          Second Floor Corridor                     Art Class in session

   Girls Basketball team of 1928               French Class in session

      Main door of the Academy                 Another class in session

                           Students at the Academy in the 1960s




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