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These are photos of the St Mary's Chapel at the Powell Butte Diocesan Center, outside and inside. In this link we will share with you some occasional news and information we receive from the Diocesan Office about upcoming programs, retreats, youth camps, etc.

Bishop Robert Vasa 2000-2011

We congratulate Bishop Vasa on his appointment as Co-Adjutor Bishop of Santa Rosa Diocese in California. Bishop Vasa has served in our Diocese for 11 years, and hereunder I reproduce some photos taken during the various celebrations he led at the Cathedral, especially the Chrism Mass, Holy Week Services and the Easter Vigil, as well as Confirmations and Ordinations.

(The majority of these photos were taken by Chuck Staten, the Cathedral's official photographer)

2011 Chrism Mass group photo with Archbishop Skylstad

Bishop Robert Vasa – Curriculum Vitae


May 1951                     Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, to Joe and Leona Vasa (both deceased)

1972-1976                     Studies: Holy Trinity Seminary, Dallas, M. Div.

May 22, 1976                Ordained Priest: at Cathedral of the Risen Christ, Lincoln, Nebraska

July 20, 1981                 Appointed Assistant Chancellor in the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska

From 1981                    Studied Canon law at the Gregorian University, Rome, J.CL

May 20, 1985                Appointed Judicial Vicar of the Marriage Tribunal

November 28, 1995       Named Monsignor by Pope John Paul II

June 17, 1996                Appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska

November 19, 1999       Appointed Bishop of Baker

January 26, 2000           Consecrated Bishop of Baker

January 24, 2011           Appointed Co-Adjutor Bishop of the Santa Rosa Diocese

March 4, 2011               Starts officially at Santa Rosa Diocese


A personal reflection - From Father Julian

He is the Bishop who welcomed me in his Diocese back in March of 2003, assigning me first to St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in John Day. At that time I was only the fifth foreign priest, while now the face of the Diocese has changed drastically as two-thirds of the presbyterate are from Africa, while a few others are from India, Sri Lanka, Poland, Argentina and Mexico. In the past 11 years since Bishop Vasa took over our Diocese we had 7 Ordinations, which is a fairly generous percentage, considering that our Catholic population is only 36,000. Some priests have left, while others were transferred or retired, but at least each parish and mission is served by a priest, which is not always possible in many other remote Dioceses.


Bishop Vasa has helped re-organize many of the parishes, especially where liturgy is concerned, and has always shown appreciation for our work here at the Cathedral. He encouraged us and supported us during the centennial renovation in 2007-2008 and has told me many times how happy he is with the Sanctuary area and the placement of the tabernacle in the middle again.


He has been my gracious guest on many occasions, especially at Christmas time and during Holy Week. He did not trust my cooking at first as he used to bring a brown-bag lunch with him, especially when I was in John Day, but over the last 5 years, he always looked forward for delicious meals I prepared for him, especially the traditional roast with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and sauerkraut with caraway seeds. He loved snacks especially those Pringles, and once their seal was broken, they would disappear within minutes!


He will always be remembered for starting and finishing the Powell Butte project where meetings and conventions are now held regularly, especially on weekends. Although the profitable Diaconate program was stopped, he encouraged many young men to become Acolytes and emphasized the importance of the safety and protection of children.


We wish him the very best in his new Diocese which he will probably take full control of by the end of this year as Bishop Daniel Walsh already hinted that he will retire by the end of 2011. And we anxiously await the appointment of our own sixth Bishop here at the Baker Diocese.

Congratulations and Ad Multos Annos Bishop Vasa!






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