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Scenic beauty of Eastern Oregon, unless otherwise stated.

All photos by Father Julian Cassar

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More photos will be added from time to time. many other scenic and wildlife photos are in the home-page. Click away, enlarge and enjoy. You are welcome to use any of these photos for your screen savers or desktop images.

Mount Hood and Central Oregon

Here are some photos I took on a trip in September 2013 through Central Oregon and close to Mount Hood.(click on each to enlarge)

Fall and winter photos 2012

Here are a few photos of friends I meet along the way, as I travel to my mission church in Halfway and for meetings in Bend and back.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Winter Wonderland in April 2012

While just about everyone else in the country was experiencing summer-like temperatures, we at Baker City in Eastern Oregon received 6 inhces of snow on the morning of April 4, 2012. It was a true winter wonderland as you can see from these photos I took around 6:30 AM.

Christmas 2011 photos

Every Christmas I am given a special gift in the form of a nature scene, some exotic animals appearing on my way to Halfway or something out of the odrinary that appears out of nowhere. This year it was in the form of two bald eagles that were perched on the same tree, close to each other as you can see on these few photos. Other photos show some Canadian geese flying overhead and some thristy cows in Richland.

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Scenic photos from Central Oregon

These are some scenic photos I took in mid-October 2011, mostly through central Oregon, in Bend, Powell Butte, also in Prairie City and Halfway

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Lupines in Halfway

Every year in early June, some fields in between Richland and Halfway are literally painted with wild lupines, besides other flowers that grow from time to time, carpeting the hill between these two towns with color, mostly white, yellow and purple. I discovered the wild lupines 3 years ago, and this year again I waited for the opportunity to take a few more photos which I share with you, most of them with the Wallowa mountains in the background.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Nature's beauty in Central Oregon

On a recent trip to Bend from Baker City, nature's beauty was at its very best, as you can see from these pictures I took along the 230 miles on a beautiful day, but after a lot of rain had fallen on the previous few days.

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Fall Photos of 2010

Here are some photos I took of sunsets, fall foliage, deer and bucks, rainbows, plus the first winter wonderland that hit Baker County in early November. (click on each photo to enlarge)





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